SSE Group uses ArtIfidal Intelligence (Al), Big Data, Internet of Things (loT) and Blockchain technologies together with the Principles of Physics, Physical Chemistry, Quantum Mechanics, Law of Internal Combustion Engines and Cosmological Principles to synthesize energy from the Universe, available in the Air, without having to change the design of the engine or vehicle.

In the process of synthesizing energy from the Air, this technology does not require the installation of any additional batteries as it takes advantage of the dispersal cycle and power availability of the engine. It does not cause any negative impacts on existing internal combustion engines.

This energy is synthesized, and calculated using Al technology, based on the principles of engine cycles and diffusion forces in the internal combustion engine and the universe, according to the principle of “RECONSTITUTION “. Only Molecule contains 1 Proton_1 Electron_1 Oxygen is participated in the burning chamber and generating power in the internal combustion engine.

After completion of its own power generation, this energy bums off the traditional fossil fuel materials (such as gasoline or diesel), enhancing and extending the burning time of the fuel. At the same time, it also cleans the carbon in the engine chamber to help stabilize the burning temperature, which helps to reduce CO2 emissions and eliminate toxic emissions of CO, NOx, making this Self-Sustainable Energy, an environmentally friendly solution.

SSE (Self-Sustainable Energy) is an ABSOLUTELY safe energy because this energy source is created lust sufficiently only what the engine needs. It is calculated by Al technology and generated by the interaction of engine cycles, and diffusion forces, according to the principle of “RECONSTITUTION”

This energy only appears and participates in the engine chamber to release energy when the engine runs and disappears when the engine stops.

It reduces traditional fossil fuel consumption while enhancing the engine’s performance. Going further with much less. While our dependence on fossil fuels will remain prevalent, now, we’ll be able to reduce that dependence significantly and in the very near future, aim for a fossil fuel free solution.